Gutters are fairly simple contraptions. After installing them, they simply redirect the water that runs off your roof. Occasionally, you clean them. That’s all there is to gutters, right?

Gutters actually require precise calculations to ensure that they fit your home properly. As providers of professional gutter services in Spencer, IA, we refer to those calculations as gutter pitch. How much pitch should a gutter have? Find out below.  

What Is Gutter Pitch?

Gutter pitch, also known as gutter slope, is the angle at which gutter experts install the gutters. Gutters typically include downspouts that drain the water during heavy rain storms. Installers angle the gutters slightly toward the downspouts to direct the path of the water.

This angle ensures that the water drains in a designated area. Otherwise, the water could spill over the edges of the gutter system. Although this might seem inconsequential at first glance, it can create expensive problems in the long run. 

What Problems Can Incorrect Pitch Cause?

The pitch controls more than the water’s angle. It also influences flow speed. If the water flows too quickly, it can damage the surrounding structures. When water flows too slowly, the draining water backs up and water spills over a section of gutter.

Without adequate pitch, your gutter system doesn’t drain correctly. This leads to numerous problems, some of which have permanent consequences. 

  • When water sloshes out of the gutters, it falls quickly from a high place. The drop can damage the landscape features below. 
  • Overfull gutters put immense pressure on the edges of your roof. Eventually, your roof can sustain structural damage from the stress. 
  • The weight of the water can cause the gutters to droop or sag, risking the gutter system’s integrity.

How Much Pitch Should a Gutter Have?

Incorrect gutter pitch carries numerous problems you may not notice for months or years. How much pitch should a gutter have? A good rule of thumb is to provide half an inch of pitch per 40 feet of gutter.

However, homeowners should leave the calculations to gutter professionals. The angle of the building combined with other factors can influence the final pitch calculation. Since bad pitch causes damage both above and below, the risk is hardly worth the DIY attempt. 

Can You Fix Gutter Pitch?

Have you noticed the following problems during rain storms?

  • Damaged shrubs and plants directly beneath your gutter
  • Waterfall creating small ditches around your home
  • Sagging gutters

Consider calling the professionals at Custom Cut Gutters to reassess your gutter pitch if you recognize these issues. Incorrect gutter pitch is generally fixable. As long as your roof didn’t sustain any permanent damage, you can schedule assistance from gutter experts.  

Fix Your Pitch with Custom Cut Gutters

Our team at Custom Cut Gutters excels at gutter services. How much pitch should a gutter have? We can help you find the calculation and the solution! We can also answer questions like, “How long do gutters last?

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