If you’re planning to install new gutters or have noticed that your current gutter system shows warning signs of deterioration, you may ask, “How long do gutters last?”

As providers of top-rated gutter services in Spencer, IA, we estimate that the average lifespan for gutter systems is around 20 years. We can help you understand what elements affect your gutters’ longevity so you know when to replace them.

1. Material

Gutters made from a durable material will last longer and cause fewer issues than lower-quality gutters. Yes, higher-end gutters are more expensive, but they look much better and usually save you money in maintenance and repair costs down the road. Here’s a breakdown of a typical gutter system lifespan by material:

  • Vinyl: 10 to 15 years
  • Galvanized steel: 15 to 20 years
  • Aluminum: Around 25 years
  • Stainless steel: Around 50 years
  • Zinc: 50 years or more
  • Copper: 100 years or more

A seamless aluminum gutter system usually provides a good compromise between quality and price. Copper gutters, apart from their durability, offer a unique style that appeals to many homeowners.

2. Maintenance

Regular maintenance will extend your gutters’ lifespan and help preserve the safety and structural integrity of your home. Clearing your gutters and downspouts of any debris, like leaves and dirt, allows water to drain freely away from your home and prevents pooling water, moisture, and leaks. A gutter inspection can also save you money by catching minor issues that could become serious problems if you don’t address them quickly.

3. Installation Quality

The quality of your gutter installation is the number one factor to consider when you ask, “How long do gutters last?”

Many gutter service companies install gutter systems by joining pre-cut metal sections together. While this is a quick and easy gutter installation method, such partitioned gutters tend to leak, accumulate debris, require repairs more often, and take away from your home’s aesthetics.

At Custom Cut Gutters, we design seamless gutter systems that fit your home’s layout. We make our seamless gutters from a single metal piece, which enables easier water flow down the gutter and creates a cleaner, more appealing look. Seamless gutters involve minimal maintenance and last longer than regular gutters.

4. Environmental Factors

Heavy snow or hail, icicles, and high winds can all damage your gutters. Nesting birds and squirrels can cause gutter blockages that interfere with rainwater flow. Finally, trees growing around your home can clog your gutters with leaves and other debris.

To protect your gutter system, you should inspect your gutters after an extreme weather event, trim the trees around your house, and invest in regular gutter maintenance and cleaning.

Custom Cut Gutters: Premium Gutter System Installations Across Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota

When you ask, “How long do gutters last?” the answer depends on many factors, including installation quality and routine gutter maintenance. At Custom Cut Gutters, we’re proud to offer 50 years of expertise in gutter installation, maintenance, and repair. Call (712) 262-1013 or contact us online to request your gutter estimate today.

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