Houses need gutters to prevent water damage, protect your landscaping, reduce flooding, and more. Therefore, you must be meticulous when hiring a gutter installer to ensure your contractor suits your needs.

Custom Cut Gutters has provided gutter services in Sioux City and nearby areas for over 50 years. We know the best questions to ask a gutter installer so you can feel confident in their services.

#1. Do You Have Licenses and Insurance?

Licensed and insured work means the gutter company has made at least the minimum effort required to keep you, your property, and their employees safe. Licensed gutter installers often have more experience and can finish installations quickly without sacrificing quality. However, since everyone makes mistakes, insurance protects the worker if they injure themselves and protects you in case your property suffers any damage.

#2. Will This Installation Affect My Roof Warranty?

A seamless gutter installation generally shouldn’t disturb or shift the roof line. However, if they indicate that it could potentially void your roofing warranty, you may want to work with another company. If you have roofing issues, you want to maintain your coverage to reduce repair and maintenance costs.

#3. Do You Have Reviews or References Available?

Requesting references and reviews is one of the most important questions to ask a gutter installer. The results can give you a better idea of what to expect from an installer’s services. Although new businesses may not have many opportunities to gather examples of their work, some available feedback is better than none.

If they don’t have reviews available, then how can you trust them to work on your property? You don’t want a different expert inspecting gutters around your building only to find them lacking basic necessities.

#4. Can I Get a Written Cost Estimate?

Responsible contractors provide detailed estimates that dictate which materials they intend to use and how much they charge for labor. You can see if their services are in your budget and make safer financial decisions. You likely cannot trust any gutter installation company that doesn’t provide an estimate, especially when so many other companies would give one to you without hesitation.

#5. What Are Your Product and Labor Warranty Terms?

Different gutter installers use various brands and styles, including sectional or seamless gutter options. Their materials need to be high-quality and backed by a lasting warranty.

However, even the best materials can falter with accidental installation errors. In case any mishap arises, you should make sure your installer has a labor warranty and find out how it works.

The Best Gutter Contractors in Northwest Iowa

When you need to find a contractor for your gutter installation, Custom Cut Gutters is here to help. Our experts can provide evidence of our licensing and insurance, all with a publicized track record of how well we do our job.

Are you looking to increase home value with quality gutters? Do you need a replacement for a current build on your property? Call 712-262-1013 or visit our contact page if you have more questions to ask a gutter installer!

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