Are you tired of cleaning your gutters? If so, you might wonder, “Why does a house need gutters?” 

As a trusted gutter service in Iowa, Custom Cut Gutters has all the answers you need. Keep reading to understand why gutters play an essential role in protecting your home and what type of gutters you should choose.

The Vital Role of Gutters

Why do experts stress the importance of gutters for your home? They serve an essential function in protecting multiple areas of your property.

Prevents Water Damage

The primary function of gutters is to prevent water damage to your roof and siding. Without fully functioning gutters, you’ll end up replacing these elements more quickly as they start to rot or form mold.

The most important tip for preventing water damage with gutters begins with cleaning them regularly. You should clean them in the spring and fall at a minimum, but if you have a large number of trees in your yard or frequent storms, clean them as needed.

Mitigates Erosion

One of the benefits of gutter installation stems from how it mitigates soil erosion. If water collects at the base of your foundation, it can wear away the soil, leaving your home vulnerable to structural issues. Even with a basic gutter system, when you factor in the natural slope of your yard, you can effectively protect your home.

Protects Landscaping

Why does a house need gutters? A gutter system benefits you by protecting your beautiful and expensive landscaping, so you won’t spend money replacing it. 

Without gutters, water can flood your plants, pooling around them and oversaturating them. It can also leave your soil muddy, which makes enjoying your outdoor space difficult.

Reduces Flooding

Even if you don’t have landscaping, don’t underestimate the role of gutters in home maintenance. They protect your basement from flooding, especially when paired with a sump pump. Whether you have a finished basement or just use it for storage, gutters help protect everything you hold dear.

Types of Gutters

When you’re choosing the right gutters and foundation protection, consider the following popular options for gutter systems:

  • K-style: The most common system, k-style gutters, uses a rectangular and fully enclosed downspout. You can choose between a sectional or seamless variety. 
  • Half-round: These gutters utilize an open downspout. While they’re more aesthetically pleasing, they don’t function as well as other gutter systems.
  • Copper: Though it requires a higher upfront investment, copper gutters offer superior durability, longevity, and curb appeal.
  • Vinyl: Made from PVC or other forms of plastic, vinyl gutters offer an affordable solution for gutters. However, they don’t have the durability or longevity of metal gutters.

Protect Your Home With Premium Gutters

Why does a house need gutters? They save you money by protecting your home and landscaping. Whether you wonder about the value added by gutter guards to your home or you need to replace your old gutters, Custom Cut Gutters provides for all your needs. We maximize your home’s value without sacrificing your budget.

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