Gutters are a must-have part of any home, be it a single-family or multi-family property. Most people consider gutters a one-time investment, but they actually need replacement after some time. 

On average, you should replace gutters every 20 years. If you care for your gutters properly, they may even end up lasting longer. It all comes down to maintenance and gutter quality. 

However, it’s important to watch out for any signs of damage that may indicate the need for replacement sooner. We discuss five tell-tale signs that you need new gutters below. 

5 Signs You Need New Gutters 

Here’s a look at five signs to indicate it’s time for new gutters. 

Cracked Gutters 

Suppose you get a bucket to carry water. But the bucket has a hole. That’s exactly what happens with cracked gutters. 

Cracks allow water to seep through and not make it into the downspout. As a result, the water accumulates and then overflows. Over time, this may cause extensive damage to your home’s foundation. 

If the gutters have individual cracks here and there, you may be able to repair them. But if there’s extensive cracking, that’s grounds for a replacement. 

Breaking at Seams 

The seams are the points where two pieces of gutter length are connected. In time, these seams may come undone due to wear and tear. 

When that happens, water can leak from around the seam and run down along the house’s exterior walls. If the gutters’ seams are not airtight anymore, you should consider replacing them.

We’d recommend investing in seamless gutters if you’re planning on replacing your current ones. Since they are made from a single piece of aluminum, there’s no chance of breakage at the seams. 

Peeling Paint

Most homeowners overlook the importance of paint on gutters. But that’s a mistake because it serves an important purpose – it acts as a protective barrier against corrosion and rusting.

If you see paint chips in water, that’s a sign there’s standing water on the gutter system. What does this indicate? The gutters are not taking water away from your home. 

The verdict? It’s time for a replacement. 

Pulling or Sagging 

Cleaning the gutters is an integral part of regular maintenance. You must replace debris from the gutters so that it does not get backed up and cause the gutters to become heavy.

However, over the years, debris buildup will take a toll on the gutters. They may start to pull away from your home or reside lower than before due to the weight of the debris and water in them. 

When that happens, you must replace the gutters to avoid water seeping into your walls or leaking onto other portions of your home. 


Are the gutters discolored? If yes, it’s likely because of mildew buildup. Mildew can form in damp and dark places, such as the interior of your gutter system. 

If you notice mildew growth in the basement or any below-ground level of your home, it’s a sign of damaged gutters. The sooner you replace them, the less likely you are to suffer from a mildew infestation. 

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