Gutters need regular maintenance to work as they should. When your gutters become clogged with leaves and other debris, the extra weight makes them sag, and they can’t work as they should. This post will go over how to fix a sagging gutter.

The best way to ensure your gutters work as they should is by scheduling professional gutter services in Spencer, IA, with Custom Cut Gutters. We repair sagging gutters to prevent water damage and mold growth that cost hundreds to repair and remediate.

Why Worry About Maintaining Your Gutters?

A working gutter system moves water off your roof and away from your home. If your gutters end up clogged and sagging, they can no longer do their job. Rainwater sitting on your roof can cause all sorts of damage, from water leaks to mold growth. Mold that starts on your roof can easily migrate inside and cause extensive health problems while it grows into a full infestation.

When rainwater can’t move away from your home, it falls to the ground and seeps into the foundation. Water can seep into your basement or crawlspace and cause flooding, destroying your personal property. It can also damage the structure of your home, causing the wood to rot and creating an inviting space for termites to feast.

Hiring a professional to fix your gutters or help with clearing debris and clogs can save you hundreds in repair costs due to water damage.

Clean the Gutters

The DIY gutter repair process starts with a thorough cleaning. Using a sturdy ladder, remove all debris from in and around your gutters, going section by section. Dispose of the debris right away so it doesn’t end up rotting in your yard.

Once you finish clearing debris and clogs from your gutters, take a look at your house from a distance. You can see the full extent of the damage to determine what needs to be fixed.

Adjust Gutter Slope

After you completely clear your gutters, use a hose to fill them with water. Watch as the water drains and check for standing water in any area. If the slope of your gutters is off, water can’t move toward the downspout, and that’s exactly how sagging gutters begin forming.

Adjusting the gutter slope about ¼ inch per 10 feet is all you need to ensure there is no standing water in your gutter system.

Reinforcing Gutter Support

You may need to adjust or replace the hardware to fix a sagging gutter system. Carefully examine the brackets and gutter spikes. If you find rust on any hardware, replace it with new pieces. Rust will corrode your entire system, leaving you no choice but to invest in a complete gutter replacement.

Professional Gutter Service

You don’t have to fix a sagging gutter yourself. Custom Cut Gutters services gutters in Spencer, IA, and the nearby areas. We can help determine if you have an acceptable gutter pitch, and if you don’t, we will remedy the problem with our reliable service.

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