Gutter guards play an essential role in maintaining your roof’s integrity. Without them, leaves, pine needles, and branches collect inside the gutters. The gutters become weighed down with sediment, putting stress on the roof and building structure.

As providers of Spencer’s reliable gutter services, the experts at Custom Cut Gutters will help you choose the best types of gutter guards for your home, considering local Iowa climate and optimal gutter hanger intervals for durable installation.

Brush Guards

Brush gutter guards resemble a long, cylindrical brush inside your gutters. As rainwater and runoff flow through the gutters, the debris becomes trapped between each brush guard. This system keeps the debris confined to specific areas.

Although the design keeps cleanup relegated to certain areas, you’ll have to schedule more frequent cleaning services to maintain them. An article published in Architectural Digest states that brush guards offer less durability than other varieties. Since direct sunlight decays them quickly, brightly lit yards are not a match for them.

However, brush guards make an excellent option for homeowners who don’t mind increasing their cleaning sessions in exchange for smaller sections to empty. If you have a shady yard featuring numerous trees, you might find a match with this type of gutter guard.

Screen Guards

A screen gutter guard comprises a sturdy piece of metal with numerous holes along the surface. The screen covers the top of the gutter, preventing debris from becoming wedged inside the channel. These guards can effectively block out large leaves and twigs.

However, the holes must be large enough to facilitate water flow. Smaller detritus, like dirt, roof grit, and small leaves, can still breach the screen. You’ll still need to schedule regular cleanings, just like with other types of gutter guards. However, the fairly durable nature of these guards makes them an excellent option for homeowners who want to filter out large debris.

Foam Guards

Foam gutter guards consist of a small, fitted piece of foam installed across the gutters. Many homeowners pick this material for the rainy season. However, foam guards are not a lifetime purchase, offering a temporary solution at best.

Foam degrades quickly when exposed to outdoor elements. Additionally, you could end up with an unwanted garden on your roof! Damp foam allows seeds to germinate, providing a fantastic environment for developing root systems to overtake and damage your roof.

Mesh Guards

Mesh guards rank as one of the better options for homeowners who want optimal filtration that allows water to flow freely. Like screen guards, mesh guards include perforated plastic or metal pieces installed over the gutter. However, they feature better filtration than their screen counterparts.

Plus, FEMA also mentions mesh gutter guards to best minimize the amount of organic matter that escapes into your gutters.

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